Mayar El Bakry

Mayar El Bakry (she/her/none) is an multidisciplinary designer, educator, researcher, curator and hyphen collector.

Her current projects focus on shifting identities, media, food and their interrelations in mediating ambiguities and entanglements. She is interested in creating spaces of exchange, collaboration and dialogue. Her approaches are deeply rooted in decolonial and intersectional feminist studies and practices. She is a proud founding member of the critical design practice Cocinas Alterinas.

Together with Gabriela Aquije Zegarra they explore alternative design process through and with food, space and memories. They are currently investigating the correlation between landscapes, recipes and cooking methods focusing on indigenous knowledge production sites.

Next to her research and (art and design) commissions, she's a guest lecturer at various institutions.


Mayar El Bakry – Independent Designer & Researcher

For feedback, commissions or collaboration or a portfolio, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Current location: Hohlstrasse 610

Disclaimer: Website currently under construction. Launch expected late 2023 / early 2024